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Understanding Coaching

Coaching encompasses a relationship where a client and a coach work on purposeful change management.  The change a client is seeking might be on a personal, professional, or relationship level.  The coach focuses on the client’s life and agenda.  Together, coach and client set up the relationship to include trust, confidentiality, safety, support and much more.  A coach encourages their clients to take risks and go for the life they want.  Coaches evoke transformation and hold space for their clients to explore.  Some of this exploration includes identifying values, beliefs, and behavior patterns. 
A coach may throw out inquiries or assignments that intend to move their client closer to the stated goal.  This work helps the client become more aware of their habits and beliefs that limit their growth. Clients also find the courage to tap into what they value and seek in order to live a more authentic and fulfilled life. Ultimately, the client is responsible for making decisions and acting in a way that gets them closer to the life they want. 

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